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Bring Competition for Internet Services Through the Deployment of Fiber Optic to Homes, Businesses, and Anchor Institutions in Baltimore

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11/29/2015: Comcast Franchise - Now Being Renegotiated - What Does it Have to Do with Broadband?


7/19/2015: Baltimore Broadband Responds to Smart City Task Force Report


7/12/2015: Moving from Words to Actions on Fixing Broadband in Baltimore


6/15/2015: Your Voice is Very Important


4/12/2015: Broadband Coalition Continues to Work on a Number of Fronts to Achieve Campaign Goals


10/6/2014: Mount Royal Improvement Association Invites BBC - Spread the Word


9/1/2014: Digital Divide, Digital Literacy and Digital Injustice


8/24/2014: Speed and Performance


8/17/2014: Shedding Light on Fiber and What that Means to Our Campaign


7/20/2014: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions


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